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Andrea W.
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Blushing Explained order eredicane

Why Do People Blush? Blushing Explained: Causes, Symptoms, Involuntary Reddening, Embarrassment, Stress, Overactive Sympathetic Nervous System, Persistent Extreme Anxiety Social Performance Eredicane

Some people remember the exact moment when they first experienced facial blushing, while others feel as though they've been dealing with the problem throughout their lives. Why do people blush? By understanding answers to this important question and those below, you will appreciate why Eredicane is right for you.

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  • What is facial blushing?

  • What are its causes and what are its symptoms?

  • And why do you suffer from it?

Why Do People Blush?

In many people, facial blushing happens occasionally as an involuntary reddening of the face due to embarrassment or stress. Blushing results from an overactive sympathetic nervous system, which is part of the involuntary central nervous system in our bodies.

For more information on the subject, read Causes of Facial Blushing.

What is Severe Facial Blushing?

Severe cases of blushing are known as idiopathic cranio-facial erythema. Severe facial blushing is common in people who experience persistent or extreme anxiety in social or performance situations, where there exists a fear of being criticized or humiliated. It is possible, however, that any given situation - even a casual conversation with friends - may elicit intense blushing.

Once the blushing begins, a seemingly vicious cycle is set in motion, exacerbating the redness and taking several minutes for it to subside. Extreme blushing can be physically and emotionally unbearable. Unfortunately, the consequences may be a damaged social appearance or professional performance.

This is why satisfied Eredicane customers express how liberating it is to be free from the fear of severe facial blushing!

What are the Symptoms of Blushing?

A symptom is defined as any sensation which accompanies a disease. Symptoms of severe facial blushing may include:

  • Extreme blushing
  • Blotchiness in neck or face region.
  • Intense sensation of heat in the face
  • Overwhelming feelings of shame, embarrassment, nervousness, or stress
  • Avoidance of potential triggers, such as meeting new people, talking in front of a group, or making direct eye contact

Why Do We Blush?

As soon as your brain senses a stressful situation, the body's "fight or flight" instincts automatically trigger the blushing response, making it impossible to voluntarily control, and always unpredictable. While severe blushing may occur when you're alone, it is mostly associated with public interactions. For a detailed description of what happens physiologically in the body, click here.


Facial Blushing Treatment Options

Blushing is an involuntary response of the sympathetic nervous system. It is impossible to control on your own, without treatment. We will explore the various treatment options currently available to chronic blushers, and why, in most case, Eredicane is an effective alternative to traditional blushing treatments. Read more at Facial Blushing Treatments.

One satisfied Eredicane customer says it all: "Now that I'm no longer stressing over whether I can make it through a conversation or presentation without blushing, I'm significantly more confident when entering any situation, whether it's social with friends or professional with colleagues."

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